Friday, June 18, 2010

Policing Gomorrah

Anyone who looks at my sidebar knows I follow blogs written by law enforcement officers. I ran into a new and fantastic one about a month ago.

The posts are short, brilliant, and true to life.

The pages there are black and white. The shades of grey are to the darker side. So are the stories.

The blog is Spark Check, authored by William Butler.

Spark Check recounts what hookers say when they're under arrest (ick),

what happens when a robber knows martial arts--sort of--and mostly

what really happens on curbs full of broken glass and road grit. 

It's not pretty. But it's beautiful.
The beauty is in the words, and in the understanding, and in his adherence to both art and truth.

Go check it out.


sparkcheck said...

Wow. Thanks for the plug! :-)

RD said...

Wow. Pretty graphic, but a great blog with a great style.


Ann T. said...

Dear sparkcheck,
You are welcome. I love these posts, even when they make me wince.

So really, Thank you, Officer Yeats!

Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear RD,
Oh, exactly, right? And that's a second compliment, because you're a great stylist yourself.

Ann T.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Ann! Added to my blogroll.

Ann T. said...

Dear tgace,
I am glad to have the pleasure of introducing you to it!

Ann T.