Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Zombie Smoking Gun

Ha! I am finally  listening to my own advice. If I want something done by the Zombies, I have to do it myself. This is slow, but not as slow as Zombie Boss.
And not nearly as nasty as Zombie Assistant.
And as Treasurer, a volunteer position on my Condo Board, not nearly so expensive. But I can't afford to think about that.

In other news: I thought I had these zombies for sure. And I may VERY WELL have them--but I'm not quite there yet. A bill for too much money, paid by the Association, billed to an owner, who paid a different (smaller) amount. Neither the bill nor the payments have been added to the unit ledger.  The Association fronted the bill, and if it was padded, then somebody got a kickback. All still to be determined by Ann T., Private Deet (Volunteer), and  Forensic Accountant (Amateur) .

Still looking. Oh, how I am ready to kick Zombie Ass and pull Zombie Hair, turn the Ray Gun to Full and Disinfect Afterward.  And since I have developed all this muscle mass, getting leaner and meaner . . .

Wish me Luck! I need that missing piece and then: Bzzrammm!! Shazzzwhack!!!!!! Buh-bye!!!


Unknown said...

You be careful out there Private! Dem zombies when cornered can be wicked mean!!

And since you HAVE NOT done the Facebook thing yet and therefor didnt get to see my zombie status update the other it is:

"If the zombie apocalypse ever happens, I'm just going to surround the compound with outward facing treadmills. We should be fine."

I think its a perfect idea!!

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Darn I know they are wicked mean. I think the treadmill is a good one. Zombie Assistant would rather die than get on one, and Zombie Boss is taking two days off. You know.

Blahahaha! UR nuts.
Ann T.

Bob G. said...

Keep on swinging, dear!
(remember, a headless zombie is al ot easier to deal with)