Thursday, July 22, 2010

Company to Keep: Fifty Criminal Justice Blogs of Note

 For readers who enjoy the law enforcement blogroll at Ann T. Hathaway,

A number of them are honored as the "Top Fifty Criminal Justice Blogs" by the Criminal Justice Degree Schools site.

Of those fifty, twenty-nine are written by or for law enforcement officers.

It may be that this site is just trying to add luster to themselves, which only makes them smart. Indeed, I hope for the same. The authors on my blogroll write well. They are full of a fine and generous spirit. Or a rowdy and cantankerous one.

But specific congratulations are in order to:

Cop in the Hood
If you got stopped . . . you deserve it, aka Motorcop
Officer Smith
Second City Cop
Sgt Says

Congratulations to all the notables!

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