Friday, October 8, 2010

Red Lights, Blue Streaks

This picture looks like a Boring Post Card, possibly showing you the Excellent Modern Facilities of some Health Complex you Wouldn't Be Found Dead in. 

No, it's just an office building, a mere two seconds after averted disaster!

Sirens screamed! The ambulance buzzed and honked! Tires squealed! and a distinct "Holy Shit" came out of the mouth of  the pedestrian to my right.

A cab (not pictured) decided to cross an intersection in front of an oncoming ambulance. Only the fine reflexes of the ambulance driver and the routine care of emergency vehicle brakes prohibited
a. the second emergency and
b. that chance for a photo opportunity that would have driven my point home. Gotten me a job at CNN, too, no doubt, covering gang wars and the home improvement projects of serial killers.

I hear that at some agencies, conversation inside the vehicles are recorded. The imaginary agency I work for would have fired me already for the blue streak coming out of my mouth. There is a word beginning with 'f' that has lost, as far as I'm concerned, all sexual connotation whatever. It just means, idiot. The cab driver was an idioting idiot.

Drivers-pedestrians-bicyclists: Please pay attention to those emergency vehicles! In your own quiet way, you help save somebody's life.

And a hat tip to all those safe drivers in big red trucks and box-like ambulances!
Bonus points for remembering that son of a goat-haired step-child recording in the cab of your vehicle.
And may these pecan-brained mastodons shove it up their violin! Idioting idioters, every one!


Anonymous said...

What, still not taking comments? How sad

Anonymous said...

Great Rant!

meleah rebeccah said...

Yes. People really do need to pay MORE attention to Emergency Vehicles.

Ann T. said...

Dear Anonymous No. 1,
I am back now, and yes! Taking comments. I was away from my mailbox.

I am sorry I didn't get back sooner.
Ann T.

Dear Anonymous No. 2,
Thank you! I need to practice my cursing with two-syllable words or longer. The f-bomb is just so handy!
Thanks for writing,
Ann T.

Dear Meleah,
Yes they do! Thanks for another vote on it!

Ann T.