Friday, July 16, 2010

Twenty-Four Hours a Day, To Describe Troublesome Events!

I love to watch the changes that happen in my neighborhood. Somebody once described it to me as Gayberry, RFD, and that is a darn good description. Except, of course, it's not rural. So we have homeless people, and illegal aliens, crowds and crime and traffic like anyone else. Barney Fife wouldn't make it here, but Andy always would.

Trouble Swoops Down
The Blockbuster down my street was in a basement with stairs leading to the front entrance. Any practitioner of feng shui, the system of Chinese geomancy, can tell you that trouble flows down the steps and doesn't go back up. Most likely this, and not NetFlix, is the reason that this store had so much trouble.

They had an armed robbery, and the manager ran out of the store in a panic, leaving his underage female clerk to face the assailant alone. This was years ago. I am still not over this story. If I ever see that man, I'm kicking him in the damn kneecap.

Well, they closed last year. Mice took over, which means there are five restaurants and one drug store I don't ever patronize that share this same building. Nobody has swept down there for a year. The drains are plugged. And then we had rain.

But Feel The Love!
There is now a nine foot by forty foot area (I measured) with standing water in it four inches deep. It's the middle of the summer. Mosquitoes love me, so I am extremely interested in this development.

I called the HotWinds Mayor's HotWindLine. Unbelievable, to serve me it is open 24 hours a Day!! I was given a case number. It's going to be three weeks--no, that's the Deadline, not the service date, excuse me. She did not take down any of my details as to square footage, just: Mosquito Hazard. I think a 360 square foot area of mosquito reproduction is much larger than an Ordinary Hazard.

So I can gripe. I can check on my case number. I just can't get rid of a hazard. I am in love with this system.

Here is a nocturnal shot of an inspiring sight--to a mosquito. Even if the groundwater mysteriously drains, there will still be a bucket, an ash tray, and a trash bag with Plenty of Habitat.


Unknown said...

Squeeters (mosquitos) are tearin me up this summer! I have more bites than I know what to do with.

And now Dengue (sp?) fever has been found down here in SoFl.

I'm buying Skin So Soft today because I cant find the bottle I brought last year. IT WORKS!! Try it!

The Bug said...

What a pain! Maybe you should call the CDC :)

Bob G. said...

Amazing about the skeeter problem.
Guess those politicos haven't READ or HEARD about they (mosquitos) spread DISEASE...
Maybe they need a minor epidemic of something to wake them the hell up?

Yes, that DOES work...used it for years back in Philly - got it from an Avon lady that came to our house (mom loved that stuff).

Have a great (bug-free) weekend.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee and The Bug and Bob,
I love skin so soft, thank you for the reminder! I will say though, that honeybees are attracted to it. They don't sting, they just . . . linger.

I am going to need it in the next 24 hours. Dengue is no joke. My mom had it, years ago, and almost died. And she got it in SoFla, peedee!

Bob, the thing about the government, they do know it, it's just that civil service mentality. Most people don't check back. The non-E dispatcher is trying to get off the phone as fast as possible, either to the next call, to her lunch, or away from the nutcases.

I feel for them, but I'm frustrated too! Anyway, I am not done fighting City Hall.

You all three,
Please have a great weekend!

Ann T.

The Observer said...

Ann T:
Your 311 Helpline thingy is open 24/7? Cool.

Ours has limited hours but you can leave messages. I had occasion to call for an abandoned car left in a bad spot this year. Well, actually I didn't call. I emailed. It took a couple weeks but the car went away.

This is really yucky. Even if they don't mitigate the standing water, they should treat it with mosquito larvicide--just some tablets that you can drop in the water and it will kill baby skeeters.

Mosquitoes love me. They think I'm very tasty.

Go get City Hall--sic'em Ann T!

The Observer

Momma Fargo said...

That stinks! I am so glad our city is still hands on with personal visits from Code Enforcement. Even if it takes them a couple days to get there. Automated systems have done nothing for our governments and other businesses except frustration. Not a fan of them or taking reports over the phone.

Slamdunk said...

Now that is an awful problem Squitos in big city? Yuck.

I read your latest Lincoln posts and hope to post a thoughtful comment soon--great stuff as you support your assertions well.

Ann T. said...

Dear Momma Fargo,
I think the automated thing works for people who aren't going to follow up! It satisfies the gripe phase alone, and for me, griping is Just the Start.

So I am not a fan either.
Thank you for stopping in!
Ann T.

Dear Slamdunk,
I am sick of them already--the water did go down some though, and I went into it in flip-flops (ick, ick!!!) and kicked over the bucket full of water that was Never going to evaporate. The trash can is full and a Mouse popped out! Ewwwwwww!

So I am now calling the "Rodent Vector Mayor's Hotline (same number) because some landlord is too lazy to check on his property.

However, I will win in the end. I think. Anyway, the homeless guys were Very amused.

Ann T.