Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Beautiful Blogger Award!

This past week, while I was beautifying elsewhere, Mrs. Fuzz over at a police wife blog (and also fuzz food) conferred upon me the "Beautiful Blogger" Award!! I am very flattered to receive this award. I love to read Mrs. Fuzz. Her life is an adventure in her blog posts. One of my favorite posts of hers talks about a near-catastrophic experience while taking care of her children. There was nothing to do but laugh when the wagon didn't crash down the ravine, and I think that's a sensible, winning, and charming attitude. All of her posts show that she is a gallant and thoughtful lady.

In order to accept this award, I must tell you ten things about myself.

Ten True Confessions!
1. I have only shot a pistol once in my life. I went out with my mother and brother to target-shoot. Darned if I know what kind of pistol it was. My mom has shot guns all her life. My brother was at that time in the USAF. We shot at paper plates and I had the best pattern on my paper plates than any of them.  My brother was seriously ticked off.

2. I went to charm school when I was twelve. I Wanted to go, and Begged to be Allowed. I received a diploma in charm and a white carnation. :-)  I found the picture this week, along with a picture of me winning a bronze at a swim meet the year before. Two good finds.

3. Once my husband and I took a class in ballroom dancing. I loved it. My husband didn't seem to be having a good time. They separated us for about twenty minutes, and then at the end of the first lesson my husband was smiling and enjoying himself. I asked him why, and he said, "I learned I have to push you around when I want you to go somewhere."

4. I have a horseshoe over my door for good luck. It's facing the proper way, too. I bought it in a tourist trap in Arizona. I also have three feng shui signs for success hanging in my entry. I am, despite all training in reason, a trifle superstitious.

For instance, in feng shui, a jade plant is supposed to bring prosperity, because it has plump round leaves like coins and is obviously full of juice. When my jade plant died, I thought I might be single-handedly responsible for the recession. Then I came to my senses and realized it had died months beforehand. It was somebody else's dead jade plant that caused the recession.

5. Although I am from Texas, I have never owned a cowboy hat or boots. I have often wanted the hat, but feel that only REAL cowgirls can authentically wear a cowgirl hat. Instead I have a hot-pink straw, a light pink straw, a neutral straw, and a leather gang-banger's-style top hat. I love that hat.

6. In college, I was active in the student union on the Hospitality Committee, the Summer Dinner Theatre Committee, and the Arts Committee. I did public relations for all three, plus the Hospitality Committee serves a lot of punch and cookies. The punch was made of lime sherbet and Seven-Up. I can barely think of it now without wondering how we lived through drinking that concoction once a week or more. We met a lot of people in that committee, which was fun. I distinctly remember wearing a blue sheet like a toga with Reynold's wrap trim and having my hair in a pouf to hostess something for the Science Fiction Committee once. But usually we just wore clothes. And I assure you that the SF Committee was quite decorous.

7. One of my big challenges with photography is that I would like to take portraits of street people. I haven't quite worked up the courage. I actually think a lot of them might enjoy it, but you never know.

8. Although I understand this is considered an adolescent concern, I am very much concerned with "what's fair" in life. I can live with many unfair things, (people breaking in line, for instance, or other mild annoyances) but unfairness to children or in big things drives me nuts.

9. I think I have been blessed/cursed with more than one vocation in life. Almost all of them are creative vocations, and then a crusading vocation as well. My challenge is to bring these many into a full harvest. Soon.

10. I've been working on my fiction manuscript all over again. But not this week, because I've been in the closet. That helps in the long run, but not this week. :-)

And now, to confer the Award! All you have to do is keep the chain, so that people can network backward and forward across the Internet, making new friends and learning about each other. Then also, to tell ten things about yourself: any items you would like us to know that are truthful.

The Envelope, Please!
1. peedee at Queen of the Dogs
She's recently changed her blog's look--Dear peedee, I miss the palm trees BUT I think this layout features your great photography much better!! Muahs!! Going over to peedee's blog is like coming to a party. Sometimes there's music and sometimes political discussions, dogs, SoFla events, or who knows, but everybody gets to be who they are and enjoy a great read. Get well soon, peedee!

2. Bob G. at The Pa-In Erudition
Every day I go visit Bob to get the skinny on two states, the state of the nation, gardening, birds, Mr. Bunny Rabbit, true issues in education and federal government. Bob keeps a soapbox in his garage for me to stand on when I feel the need. Not only that, but he writes the funniest/most insightful comments. Go, Bob!

3. The Observer at South Kansas City's best Newspaper
The Observer does it all--editorials, pet news, weather, crime, politics, medical issues, school closings, churches, incrrredible cars, gardening, and even small business reports. I think she must be on the road 24/7! And yet she is always thoughtful and fun to read. xo, T.O.!

Awards 4-8 go to people that already have received them. But you know, I love to read your blogs so much. You guys are exempt from having to contrive a new way to be Beautiful Bloggers, because you already are: just add my name to your list of admirers.

4. Momma Fargo at The Boogie Man is My Friend
Honestly, Momma, I have learned so much from you. And not only that, you've pretty much had the summer from hell-floods and stuff--so instead of writing a new post over this, just give yourself a pat on the back. You are a beautiful, funny, thoughtful writer.

5. Slamdunk at Slamdunks.
I want to send you a wish that your visit to Texas is a good one. Do nothing except feel the friendship, right?

6. Yellow at Ammo in the Dryer
Seriously, Mrs. Fuzz already awarded this blogger the Beautiful Blogger Award. But she makes me laugh out loud--almost every post--and underneath all this is a lot of dedication to her family and loving care and attention to the stuff that makes a home run. She's a new friend and a great read!

7. The Bug at The Bug's Eye View
Talk about beautiful blogging--it was The Bug who inspired me to change my blog appearance because she did such a great job with her own. It's green and happy, with big sunflowers at the top. Then the blog itself is full of real life happenings, thoughtful poetry, reminiscences of her work in Africa and in Ohio, photographs of the good life. Keep sharing the view, dear Bug!

8. Gia at A Gia's Life!
Gia already also got this award! Darling angel, I like your new blog face too! Better every time!
Wishing you every thing good there is.

9. There's a new blog up from a great commenter on this blog. Several posts have been so full of pictures of real gardening--not just flowers, but the wildlife around--quite fascinating a presentation. Carolina Linthead (C.L.) has a new blog, Child of a Frosty Morning. If you like a little art mixed with history with some poetry and photography thrown in, he's a man of multiple talents!

10. and 11. and 12.
Last of all, I have three more to mention: one has already been awarded--Officer Butler at Spark Check  He writes fantastic, realistic accounts.  Recently he wrote me that he tries to use under 400 words in a post. So you get concentrated, quite elegant language that treats frequently inelegant subjects. I love his work.  Someday I too will write a 400-word post. But obviously not today.

I also want to mention another police blog, The Police Mental Health blog. It is relatively new, and I have featured it before. Jeff Shannon writes a new post once a week about the stress of police life and how to understand it, for people in the field. I think a lot of people read it, but only the women generally seem to comment. (I wonder why that is? He probably has an explanation.). Anyway, he is performing a real service and not always getting the feedback he deserves.

I wish him very well, and a huge readership.

And recently, somebody commented over at Texas Ghostrider's blog that they didn't like his typeface and color choices. Are they nuts??!!  TGR, I love the way your blog looks. Don't change a thing. You are also a  beautiful blogger!

So that's twelve instead of ten, but some of them I don't think will be participating, so it should work out. You will note that I avoided the number 13. :-)

Mrs. Fuzz, Thanks for the award!
Congratulations to the New Awardees!! 

You guys all have a great day!


Bob G. said...

Congrats on your arawrd...and a huge "thank you" for the conference.
Mom hung a horsehoe over our door when I was growing up...and she hung it UPSIDE DOWN like a letter *U*, so it would "catch" the "good luck...the ONLY way the PA Dutch do

Taking candid pictures of street people works well with a telephoto lens...(trust me)
And it gives a nice "grainy" look to the pics...lots of "urban pathos" there.

I'm NOT from TX, but I HAVE owned cowboy boots AND a hat (I was on a BIG Lone ranger kick as a child...that counts, right?)

As a recipient of this newest award, I will continually endeavor to be as worthy a writer as you are a reader (AND a writer, of course).
In THAT...we shall have parity.

Thanks again, you made MY Sunday.


Christopher said...

#7. Just ask. You'll be glad you did.

The Bug said...

Aw shucks Anne T. - thanks! I went to Pee Dees blog & started crying - evil video!

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
I guess I did have a cowgirl hat! it was red with white lacing around the brim. I forgot all about it!

congrats my friend! I can't wait to see who your awardees will be!

Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Christopher,
I have started with the food cart vendors, some of them. But I think I want to expand to passers-by and homeless people. I am already taking pictures of their camps--amazing piles of stuff--and would like to ask.

Just need to get a little spine, huh?

Thanks for the encouragement!
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear The Bug,
One of the best things about getting blog awards is that you get to introduce your friends to each other!

peedee is very special. And so are you!

Ann T.

Carolina Linthead said...

Dear Ann T.,

Thank you! I saw this post early this morning, and I went ahead and wrote my ten things list, but I'm not quite ready to post it. Keep working on your manuscript, please!

The Observer said...

Ann T:
Thank you for the kind words and the award! In my bluer moments I worry if I can keep it up!

The Observer

Anonymous said...

Charm school, now that would be interesting.

Congrats on the award.

Ann T. said...

Dear C.L.,
I will be working on it! If only I was done with this damn closet. But I'm getting there!

Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I know just what you mean. And you know, all this striving is getting us somewhere. But that doesn't mean our blogs won't change, right? It probably means they will.

I think they reflect us and what's of moment to us in the now. So, (telling myself this also) it's okay for us to develop differently than advertised. I also think something essential remains and hopefully is developed . . . .

Just my thought of the day.

And xo right back.
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear That Ladybug,
Thank You! I am always knocked out by these things. I'll be by to see you soon! I'm getting Back on Track!!

Ann T.

Spark Check said...

TI am very honored! I'm not comfortable revealing ten random things about myself, so I will just leave you a heartfelt thank you. Thank you! :-)

Unknown said...

Wow I'm late!! Sorry, busy weekend and sooooooo much to do and very little time for the 'puter!

But thank you Annie!! I appreciate it very much!! I changed my blog look out of necessity!! The code from the site for the palm trees that I used was expiring and I got no notice!! I picked the black because it was simple and I intended to change it. Well, the more I kept logging in and seeing it I liked it!! I've tweeked it a bit and added the red highlights and well, now I think I'm keeping it! lol And your right, it highlights the boys pics. Makes them look better than they are. lol

Thanks again dear. I'm so bad about posting the awards but I'm gonna make this a mission to do in the next few days.

Muahs!! xoxoxo

Ann T. said...

Dear Officer Butler,
Do exactly as you please! I just wanted you to get the kudos!!
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I'm LOL because You're late? I'm two weeks behind on everything Blogger. I hope to get caught up this week!

When you get time to do the award, Great. Or if you get time. Mostly I just love reading your blog and like to feature the good people in my life!

Have a great day and xoxoxo
Ann T.

Momma Fargo said...

Ann T.,

Congrats on your award! Well-deserved award for you and honorable you are! I'm sorry I'm so slow in catching up on my blogs. Thanks so much for the award. Coming from you is quite an honor and I am I am very flattered!

meleah rebeccah said...

Awww! Congrats on your award!!