Sunday, August 1, 2010

Things We Plan for Bob G.'s Block Party

I promised Bob G. a birthday party to remember, way back in the spring. And oh, my, have we got the party!

From dawn to past midnight, we are going to be rocking Bob's neighborhood, on WHATEVER day of August his birthday might be. I only know Bob's a Leo, so it's got to be before the 21st.

First, the Invigorating Wake-Up Call to Sleeping America.

A good old-fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch Breakfast, only with fluffy scrambled eggs.
Just the way Bob Likes Them.

We thought about clowns, but Bob's OVER clowns. He doesn't want clowns. I just know it.

The Dutch Chefs will also be offering breakfast when the Muscle Car Association Shows Up. We're having a parade! The South Kansas City Observer used a few contacts and found the perfect Motor Club, with the right cars, the right muscle, and the right location. They've already applied for the permits. No other traffic allowed. It's Official!!

muscle car parade Pictures, Images and Photos

Instead of throwing beads or go-cups at the parade, we procured paperback dictionaries and free copies of the U.S. Constitution, including the Bill of Rights. We'll be handing them to gracious on-lookers. The ungracious ones get Nada. These items deserve respect.

Anybody who wants to know how life is supposed to be spelled, pronounced, used, and noted, will have a chance as long as Bob G. is drawing breath! Hurrah, Bob!

Not everything will be V-6 powered.
Because life isn't ALL serious. Good times happen!

So Does Lunch. 

While the parade is underway, a Second Wave of Cooking commences, with aromas to bring Tears to the Eyes. In a good way, I mean. Especially for Mrs. G, since she may do As she pleases All Day Long. Just like Bob.

Barbecue brisket, chicken, ribs, and sausage. Potato salad, regular salad, fresh Indiana corn on the cob, green beans, cornbread, potato bread, shoofly pie, Apple pie a la mode, and various foaming drinks will be available to the Parade Participants. A little premium moonshine for those old enough and responsible enough to partake.

There will also be baby carrots for Mr. Bunny Rabbit, and bird seed for Bob's more melodious friends in the neighborhood.

Then rented hammocks and capacious umbrellas will be spread, so that everyone may take a snooze before the evening festivities. But if they're still revved--

--Bunkermeister from Bunker Talk is bringing exquisitely detailed Models to re-fight the Battle of the Bulge.  We figure the effect of all the war talk on the neighbors will  be awesome.

The Evening Events will be of a refined character. First, there will be speeches and chocolate cake, with a Very Few Discreet Candles. And, a big band will play swinging tunes and suave ones.  I am still working out the details with Keith at The Coolness is Timeless blog. This is the kind of style we are aspiring to.

james bond connery Pictures, Images and Photos

Cabs have already been hired. No drinking and then driving home from Bob's House! A rousing mariachi soundtrack will send guests off in style, say, about midnight or one a.m.

Then I think everybody in the neighborhood will think twice about crossing Bob, ever again.

Happy Birthday, Bob! 
I know it's coming sometime in August. May you have many more celebrations to come!
Photo Credits: Two from photobucket; Constitution,; Shoofly Pie, What's cooking America dot net;  Mariachi, the hostess files at, a couple from Photobucket, and I'm sure I missed a few.


Yellow said...

I am a leo too, and as such I aprove!

Love the line up, Eggs, education, BBQ, war games, Then Refined character which sounds like wine and "groun up talk"
"How is the business going bob?" "oh very well thank you. we have some holdings and such, but very good"

Hope everyone has a blast!

Bob G. said...


I am seriously ROFL...and getting
"misty" (damn good song, btw) all at the same time.!!!

Mariachis AND muscle cars...whatta great combo!

I'm (formally) a "cusper" on the horoscope thingy.

You have captured SO much about's downright SCARY!

And SHOO-FLY PIE...omg, that's marvelous!

When you do your "homework", REALLY do it.
(positively a gold-star for you)

Give yourself a hearty pat on the back, too (just don't dislocate a shoulder, as is been known to occur)!

This would DEFINITELY be my quintessential B'Day gig!

Thank, thank you, thank you...from the bottom of my (now several sizes larger for some reason) heart!

If I were to have one wish right now, it would be to have a LOT MORE PEOPLE just like all of you that give me pause to believe that this old world STILL has quite a bit more than a few good miles left in it.

Thanks again for a wonderful Sunday (and B' about 3 weeks)

You're the tops, Kiddo.
(Zombies, be warned...and afraid)


Have a great Sunday!

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, I think you'd mesh perfectly with this big party! I bet somebody's got a car for you to sit in and wave!

Just bring your tiara. It'll be a blast!

Thanks for writing in, and having fun,
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
Oh, I wanted you to have the biggest electronic blast party ever!

I was afraid to write and ask for your b-day, though, because it would tip my hand. When you first said cusp I thought, (oh heck I missed it already)!!

Bob, you and your wife deserve the biggest fun day ever. Here and everywhere I go in our e-neighborhood, you write the funniest and wisest comments. you're not afraid to get mad-and-underneath it you've a big soft heart.

You've sent me wise advice and helped me out.

I'm so glad to have you for a neighbor.

In three weeks I'll wish you Happy Birthday on the right day. In the meantime, I'll be stopping by to borrow the soapbox!

All the best to you and Mrs G,
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
For real, the Observer did get some Muscle Cars up for you in a parade! Go check 'em out!

Ann T.

Bob G. said...

Leave it to T.O to get my horsepower going...LOL.

You're all the BEST "e-neighbors" any person could ever wish to have.
It's a real blessing.

Thanks, all.

Momma Fargo said...

That is the most fantastic birthday celebration ever! Happy Birthday, Bob G.!

Slamdunk said...

Great party post Ann T.

I am thinking since the turnout may be so big for Bob G. that we could coordinate the eating part with National Night Out (around 8/3 or so) and have the local police furnish the hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks.

They may even give the birthday boy a McGruff sticker and balloon.

Ann T. said...

Dear Momma Fargo,
I'm glad you enjoyed yourself!
Have a great week!
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Slamdunk,
We can get the muscle car guys to sing "Hot Rod Lincoln". I did it once for a karaoke and won a prize. Can't do it any more though!

Thanks for stopping by the party!
And happy day to all!
Ann T.

Bob G. said...

Now THAT would be a hoot and a half!
National Night Out...gotta get my BLUE bulb for the front steps!

Watching the "B-Shifters" handing out burgers, dogs, drinks and a McGruff balloon while the MCGs bang out Hot Rod Lincoln with that Mariachi band...LMAO!
(naturally, the B-shift "super" took care of the permits)

Man, I WOULD PAY to see that!

You guys can "share the front seat" ANY time!
(we KNOW who's riding in the back...heh, heh, heh)

Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Did I miss it??? Crap-o-la! I hope not. I'll be there with bells on. For the muscle cars alone!!!!

What a great birthday party!

Happy Birthday about 3 weeks. ;)

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
Wouldn't be a party without you!
It's here, so you didn't miss it!


Ann T. said...

Hey you guys,
I wouldn't party so well with anybody else!