Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Zombie Domination

I'm taking a short break from crime and cities, life repair, and other more important matters here. Now that I've had a nap and a dinner, it seems funny. However, I am afraid I retreated screaming today from the Zombie-held basement.

Photo from sweetskulls.blogspot.com
The Summit of Multi-Million-Dollar Brain Trust
1. I may have told you (repeatedly) that we have been working on hot water systems in our condominium. Today, in order to finish "balancing the water supply" we had a summit meeting of the consultant engineer, the boiler inspector we pay, the foreman of the project, and Zombies. The balancing means that water in the front of the building will approximate the same temperature as the back of the building, thereby ensuring that half our residents get hot showers again and the other half don't boil in their bathrooms. I mean, it's not nearly that bad, but still, calibration is essential.

a. The meeting was for either 9:30 or 10:30. Different ambassadors were told different times.
b. Zombie Assistant didn't know about it. Except I told her, but that's not official since Zombie Boss didn't inform her. If I tell her, it doesn't count and she forgets. I told her yesterday AND last week.

c. The Zombie Maintenance #2 is on unauthorized vacation. That is, Zombie Boss gave him off, but he doesn't have any vacation left. Apparently this will be paid. As Treasurer, I know we are already significantly over on payroll this year.
d. Zombie Maintenance #1 had a doctor's appointment and didn't show up until 10 a.m. He showed up holding a bottle of PowerDrink and an open bowl of browned hamburger crumbles. Don't ask me why. At first I thought it was dog food.

I wonder what he did with it at the doctor's office. Best not to ask, though.

e. Contractors were roaming the building at 9:30 with nothing to do. I finally found one of them. He was in the trash room (which has a bathroom) preparing to use the facilities. In the meantime, mosquitoes were flying everywhere in the trash room, I don't know why. The contractor understandably wanted me gone, and I wanted to leave. So he enjoyed the amenities of the Trash Room rather than brave Zombie Assistant's non-buggy facilities.

g. I had to tell Zombie Assistant to make coffee. I went up to the Lobby to greet erstwhile contractors. Desk Staff knew nothing about the appointment or what to do about it. In the meantime, I directed Zombie Assistant to call another Board Member who works from home, and is interested in the hot water systems, in the odd hopes that someone competent might represent the Condominium. Fortunately, he was up for the challenge.

h. Zombie Maintenance # 1 started the meeting in an unknown spot, which meant the consulting engineer, who was told a 10:30 meeting time, was nowhere around when the meeting started. He couldn't find anyone. The look on his face was one of angry resignation, which I could not acknowledge publicly.

i. The coffee was terrible.

j. Zombie Boss showed up at 10:55.

Robbing Peter to Pay Peter, Or, Something Like That
2. Okay, now back to why I was down there. Treasurer stuff. We are going through accounts where the Owner owns more than one unit, looking for mixed-up billing and incomplete ledgers. Yesterday I ran into a doozy, first set out of the box. It took all day just to start it and today I looked for back-up material. As usual, nothing is consistent and is filed in five different places, has three different invoicing systems, and may or may not be packed away. Zombie Assistant is going to start another notebook, so she will be organized. As far as I am concerned, there are too many notebooks already.

Hollywood Car Stunts, Right Here, Right Now!
3. The contractor who is ventilating our garage came in to say that somebody didn't move their car as requested, and when they blew through the bricks, it would be damaged. Zombie Assistant shrugged, so I got up and checked the parking spot. When I came back to ask who owned space 16-B, she said, "we called her yesterday. She lives in 2309." Upon checking--No, she lives in 2307, so I'm not sure we called her or not. The Z.A. called again and left a message for her to leave work and come move her car, sure thing. Nobody attempted to check her apartment--to see if she was home?--so I went up and clanged on the door. Just Lazy.

Let the Screaming Begin
That was about all I could stand. I gathered my file folders and left the perimeter. In two days I have not finished three accounts by one owner. Holy Shit. But I may have all the pieces now. I am working on it now.

When I went downstairs that afternoon for additional materials, I learned we will need to pay additional megabucks to complete the hot water balancing project. The Board Member who officiated at the hot water project is exceedingly upset about the tardiness of Zombie Boss. I can assure you that though I was the vanguard on calling out this upsetting state of Zombie Affairs, I am not alone any more.


Unknown said...

I'm sorry, you get paid how much for this???

I thought nothing, right?

OMG, I want to come scream at these people.




The Observer said...

Ann T
I have nothing intelligent to add, truly.

Nice clusterfuck, people. What a freaking way to run a railroad here. Sometimes, you just have to walk away before you say or do something you will regret later.

My condolences on having to deal with such creatures.

with empathy,
The Observer

Capt. Schmoe said...

The Zombies are all lined up alright, though it seems that they're headed in a circle, chasing their zombie tails.

Ann T. said...

Dear peedee,
I'm actually not known for patience--and if you only knew how much I want to just fire them all. In fact i think it would be no loss and I would love to do it. I have my clothes picked out. LOL.

In the meantime, everyone else has to get on board with that . . . ugh!

Eventually, mass exodus.
Thank you sistah!


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
That's exactly right--not to tip my hand too soon! And,

not to say anything that can be used against me, what a mess.

Thank you Very Much for the Empathy,
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Captain Schmoe,
They couldn't find their tails w/ both Zombie hands.

The reason being, the Chair is in the Way. Once in, never out, until quittin' time for the day!

Yabba Dabba Do Zombie,
Ann T.

Bob G. said...

Dealing with such shrubs (and zombies) has GOT to be netting some kind of SAINTHOOD in all this for you...!

I'm not known for MY patience either, and by this time, I'd have zombie parts all over the place.

...But I would be HAPPY.

God bless 'ya for your persistence and devotion.
They don't know HOW fortunate they are to have you taking care of business.

Stay Strong, Kiddo!

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,

I also would be HAPPY!!
Thanks for the laugh!


The Bug said...

Man oh man oh man. My biggest weakness in the workplace is that I don't tolerate incompetance - & people know it (I don't have much of a poker face). Gets me in trouble all the time. So the Zombies would be terrified of me & hate me all at the same time.

You really are a saint!

Ann T. said...

Dear The Bug,
No, I'm not too much of a saint! I think my face shows everything too--or, at least it radiates a strong vibe. However, these Zombies!!!

Thanks for the support.
Ann T.