Friday, September 3, 2010

Miss Ellen Takes The High Road

Owing to the unfortunate (?) constructive re-structuring of the Augean Stables within a certain area of my condo unit, Miss Ellen has been neglected. Not completely, you understand--but our forays have been limited in both number and scope.

Yesterday, she took off West, keeping on mostly level terrain. However, the way back was either by boat or up a campus on a hill--or a road that turned into a major throughway leading to a freeway that was entirely too dangerous.

So, uphill it was.

After climbing the Summit of Learning, we passed into the Land of Rareified Air (who knew students could afford Kate Spade and Versace?). Then into Faux Nobility, where the professors live in blissful Anglophilia (and German automotive engineering). I was completely lost there, ended up in Suburban Store Road (biggest Safeway outside of Texas, honestly, and the Road to Many Malls) and creaked seriously uphill, looking for a familiar cross street, getting further away from homem with every pedal stroke. By then it was Completely Dark. Just in time to get to the Naval Observatory--and Miss Ellen and I are not up on military clearances. I was relieved the whole place was gated up and no mistakes could be made.

Skirting that, with headlight and taillights flashing, we had fun--blowing down a long gradual hill as fast as the cars were going!!  And ended in familiar territory. Back where the homeless people still ply their trade, the family restaurants sit, and the pizza is cheap. My area is also gentrified, but not to the ult--and sullied with much Mid-Century Modern.

Ellen and I sailed home in complete charity with each other. And I learned a lot more about the city. It took hours, and it was worth every minute.


Bob G. said...


I had a feeling when I heard Augean Stables that this was going to be somewhat "Herculean" in reference...!

I honestly love the manner in which you describe the various areas traveled.


Glad you BOTH had such a time of enlightenment!
I enjoyed it as well.

Have a great weekend, you two.

The Bug said...

I'm glad you & Miss Ellen enjoyed your adventure. I personally would have been freaking out a little bit I'm sure. Or shopping. One or the other :)

RD said...

A most excellent adventure!

Gia's Spot said...

What a fun time it seems you had! Congrats on the NOT freaking out (I am assuming here) and for getting back to familiar ground! I am on a catching up adventure, all of my blogs being neglected while I covorted in Las Vegas! Good day to you, Ann T and Miss Ellen!

Momma Fargo said...

What a grand journey! Thanks for sharing. As usual, brilliant writing. I felt you were putting me in the basket and along I went!

The Observer said...

Ann T:
I was tired after reading this! Well done.

The Observer

Does it count for exercise?

Hope your holiday is treating you well.

Edith Bunker said...

Congratulations! we're both conquering, you so much more eloquently.

meleah rebeccah said...

Im so happy you and Miss Ellen enjoyed your time together! What an adventure!

Slamdunk said...

Fun ride Ann T.

Though we miss out on lots of the neat sights that you see in that big city, living in a river valley has its advantages in relation to rarely riding uphill.

meleah rebeccah said...

been a while since you posted! hoping all is well? xoxo