Sunday, December 12, 2010

Zapped but Zippy

When people are angry with me, I have this desire to assure them that I am not having fun either. When they are mad, this is at least partially true and usually Mostly True. But it can also lead to false martyrdom. I learned false martyrdom somewhere, (but I'm not pointing fingers, mind you) and I've been trying to unlearn it since about 1980. Before that, not so much, but it was a drag to us all.  LOL.

So, I went to a party tonight. It was so much fun! I wore a suit my sister gave me years ago. It has a velvet collar and cuffs, all black. She'd bought it for herself, some $200 suit for $15.50, and never worn it. I pulled the tags off. I put on a scarf with border collies on it (not that you could tell, the way it was all scrunched up), a top hat, and my clodhopper oxfords. I looked good, especially considering I am not a spring chicken. I am an early-fall chicken. 

And when I am a winter chicken, I expect I'll still wear clunky shoes (but not beige ones) and sometimes that hat.

Anyway, a person who has been trying to be a friend to me for over a year had her birthday party. We ate Italian food and I met a couple who helps put on a jazz fest every year in my city.  That just can't be bad. I just can't be unhappy about this. She's a very nice lady with very nice friends.

Then I came home and worked on condo stuff. But you know, I feel like that may be coming along. Not that I'm near done, b/c I'm not. It is piling up like an avalanche ready to drop.

I'm still catching up with everybody. I still have tons of letters to write. I'm still on my way back. Talk to you soon.


Bob G. said...

Souinds like you had a good time...wtg, Kiddo!

Funny thing about avalanches...
In SOME cases, they are artificially created in order to keep mountain roads OPEN.

In the Sierras, they utilize artillery shells to "force" an avalanche before it becomes TOO large to effectively handle and tumbles down the sloopes, and ties up whatever roads they are able to keep clear.

In that (and the condo gig), there is some analogy, I think.
On any road back, you never walk it alone.
(found that out myself years ago)

Stay safe & warm.

suz said...

"Sensible" shoes, not clunky. And thank God they're finally making them attractive! Don't have time for much poetry, but do you read Mary Oliver? She takes me to another world.

The Bug said...

I'll bet you looked fabulous - I'm glad you went.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
I am going to use that avalanche metaphor. For sure.

Today we met with staff and set some policy going forward. It was not an altogether pretty sight, but at this point, that's just grist for the mill.

Thanks for all the support. AND the encouragement!!


Ann T. said...

Dear Suz,
Yes, they ARE sensible! Dansko's so old I had them re-stitched this year. But they are still great shoes.

I do want new ones though!

I love Mary Oliver's work, although I have not read as deeply as I would like to. I will single her out!

Have a great day!
Thanks for commenting,
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear The Bug,
I felt like I looked good, but oh you never know!!

Thanks for the good wishes,
Ann T.