Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I like to let you know I am making progress with the outside world. Every time I write how I am failing, you guys write me back and say to keep trying. So, maybe we have some results from all this trying--yes?

Due Thursday:
Two reports on two months of financials (one incomplete, because the financial statements have not yet arrived.)

One incomplete because all the invoices I need to examine are lost. This seems significant to me--not in a good way. How can we lose SIX invoices? The very ones I want to see? It's Zombie filing--in short, a shambling plot.

One report on A Year of Investments. Four pages of Excel Tables. Done.

Two unpaid insurance policies found and paid up. Every insurance policy examined to make sure they are ALL paid up. And, now back in Department of Labor compliance--oops! That was a near thing.

Insurance expires next month--oops! Two sets of contracts coming by Thursday.

One report on major repairs and the financing for that. This sounds rather more grand than it is, because all of the information is done by expert consultants. I only compiled it.

One report on Collections, still in work. Each account takes twelve to sixty hours to fix. Each person is angry.
Each ledger is screwed up. I have a list of twenty-three, and have completed eight of the Top Ten Debtors, plus various other people whose voices were the loudest.

Reconciled two bank accounts, updated ledgers for five accounts in legal collections, prepared hearing documents for three complainants to the Board, four petty cash reconciliations, one holiday fund/two disbursements,  and one major systemic payroll snafu.

Interpersonal Relations
Four personnel conferences, one scheduling training session.

Somebody promises to pay $3K this Friday and asks me to check out his leaky shower with him. I have no ability to assess showers, so I write him back to bring the money and a plumber.

From Zombie Pandemic dot com.
Another debtor writes me that she will die of stress if I don't forgive her over $1K of outstanding debt. I don't think she's going to blow her brains out, because she is manipulative and constantly in debt. Still, you can never be sure. I gave her an avenue to pursue.  The next day she thanks me. I am not sure this is good news yet.

Not done yet. The meeting is Tuesday, and the League will have tons of Ann T. and other papers to read before then.

The Zombies are sitting around and eating candy. I would cut up stiff about it, but I don't want them to screw up my work. I told Mycroft this, and he said, "Don't let them do a thing."

I still have my Zombie Thwack Gun, but they won't let me use it.

We are still looking for a manager . . . .


Bob G. said...

Hey, anytime I see the SCARLET WITCH, I KNOW you're making progress!

Love the zombie pic (easy

That debt-girl needs a financial "manager" in her life (and to stop spending)
Really, THAT works!!!

Hang tough, Kiddo!
You're doing fine.

Ann T. said...

Dear Bob,
Yes, I think maybe I am doing pretty well. I am back downstairs to talk to the Candy Eaters this morning. Umyeah um.

But between myself, Mycroft, Mina, and Allan Quartermain, not to mention the Invisible Man,
We should make it through another month!

Thanks for the encouragement!

The Bug said...

We watched that movie this past weekend - boy that Sean Connery sure is dreamy...

Sounds like you're making great progress - I'm sure it feels good to GET STUFF DONE.

Momma Fargo said...

You go, Zombie slayer! I'm rooting for you! You are a rock star!

Ann T. said...

Dear The Bug,
LOVE Sean Connery.

And yes, Progress! Just wish I was fully done!

Thanks for the affirmation!
Ann T.

Ann T. said...

Dear Momma Fargo,
Me a Rock Star??? I just want to look as good in a catsuit as you do! Or Scarlet Witch!

LOL, but Thank You! I needed that.
Ann T.