Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Starts with Tears, Ends with Zucchini

Well, my day started yesterday with two personnel crises, and I worked on personnel items.

Back to the shrink. It's been a month due to holidays. And just in time, too.

I then swung into three interviews for Manager of the Condo. No Zombies this time!

The first person was our Choice # 2. She was great, but I don't think she's working for what we're paying. It was obvious though: she could whip this place in shape, including the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen with one hand tied behind her back.

I kept thinking of Goldfrapp's song: I'm in Love with your Strict Machine. Not that she showed up in this get-up for the interview, LOL!

Goldfrapp - Strict Machine
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The next man was our # 4 (#3 couldn't make it) and would have been great, except staff would have eaten him alive. We still have Zombies left, you know. I liked him but it would be cruel to hire him. He's not ready for the stuff we have.

The third man was our favorite before interviews. # 1!! And he was not quite there. He rambled too much, and I think he came out of a bad job situation that still has him shaken. We don't need him shaken: we need him stirred. He just couldn't stay on point--although it was obvious he knew plenty.

But I'm really glad that we're getting the kind of candidates we're getting.

After that, we had a personnel meeting. After that, we had an argument. After that, we made up. After that, it was 11:00 p.m. and I came upstairs and had dinner. I did not have lunch. I'm not sure I had breakfast.

However, all seems to be hanging in for the moment. We may be better off. All of these candidates, even the poor gentleman that wasn't quite ready--was head and shoulders above Zombie Boss. So things are looking up.


Bob G. said...

Glad to see things are looking brighter in that "tunnel"...

As for crises?

I stopped counting mine a LONG time ago...too much hassle.

Instead I try to count them as "opportunities", and I know that can be a stretch, but it keeps my blood pressure down.

Besides, didn't someone once say that "there are nor problems - only solutions...we just have to get them all in their proper place"?

Keep the faith.
Stay strong.
And stay warm out there...'ya got snow heading east.

suz said...

It's a good start!

The Bug said...

Sounds productive & encouraging. I hope that whoever you select accepts the job & then does it fabulously!

The Observer said...

Ann T:
Amen to The Bug.

I saw how tricky hiring can be when my parents interviewed people for their business. Even as a callow H.S. senior, I could see how damaging the wrong hire was!

The Observer