Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday, January 16: Honoring our Dead in Iraq.

Last week, I posted the U.S. dead for 2010 in and around Afghanistan. But we should never forget the many casualties of the Iraq War, sixty of which occurred this year. I found these names at, an organization which has been tracking the losses for the coalition forces for a long time.

I hope you will take a minute to read through these names, listed two or three across.

Please also remember their families, friends, and comrades who needed them. Please remember these men and women who are still with us, still serving. Remember the wounded, the permanently injured, and their caregivers. Their battles are not done.

--Finch, David D.--Luff Jr., David J.--Gandy, Loleni W.--
--Jones Jr., David R.--Reid, Dylan T.--Whisenant, Marc C.--
--Carrillo Jr., John--Noonan, Gebrah P.--Burner III, John F.--
--Hansen, James A.--Jenkins, Philip C.--McClamrock, James F.--
--Maggart, Brandon E.--Rhett, Jamal M.--Hinkley, Faith R.--
--Runyan, Michael L.--Tuttle, Jordan E.--Lumpkin, Johnny W.--
--McBeth, Morganne M.--Haynes, Bryant J.--Dohrenwend, Jacob P.--
--Cassidy, Michael P.--Opat, Christopher W.--
Obryan, Israel P.----Yauch, William C
.--Theobald, Steve M.--Guardado-Ramirez, Francisco J.--
--Sessarego, Alvaro R. Regalado--Culver Jr. Ronald W.--
--Gonzalez, Amilcar H.--Sokolowski, III, Stanley J.--
--Mena, Ralph--Gonzales, Esau S.A.--
--Magee, Anthony O.--Coe, Keith A.--Worrell, Christopher D.--
--Antonio, Charlie C.--Patton, James R.--Collins, Robert W.--
--Blount, Anthony--Kruize, Kurt E.--Pacleb, Raymond N.--
--Rieckhoff, Robert--Jordan, Richard J.--McLyman, Erin L.--
--Bishop, Steven J.--Arthur, Aaron M.--Bailey, Lakeshia M.--
--Spencer, William C.--O’Leary, Daniel T.--Grinder, Billie J.--
--Alford, Marcus R.--Caughman, Sean L.--Alvarez, Adriana--
--Barnett, Scott G.--Hurt, Gifford E.--Hopkins, Ryan J.--
--Jarrett, Michael R.--Croft Jr., David A.--Anderson, Brushaun X.--


Momma Fargo said...

Good post, Ann T.! I have many friends that served in Iraq as well and we were just talking about the ones they lost. Thank you!

Ann T. said...

Dear Momma Fargo,
Though we aren't paying much attention, these contemporary wars have cost us all very much. Not just in money, but in human life.

I'm glad your friends made it through and can talk about it some.

Ann T.