Saturday, June 4, 2011

1950's Ford Thunderbird

Unbelievably pristine. I'm only sorry the photos don't do it justice.

One of my readers, Carolina Linthead, informed me there's a great song about this car. I looked it up on YouTube and Indeed it is a great song. The YouTube of the song is below the jump.

Exclusively at Ann T. Hathaway, You can watch Paint Dry

And if this doesn't mean you dear readers are hanging in, I don't know what does.
But it reflects progress on the Daily Spackle. I am almost done painting the ceiling in my small flat--which I ALSO spackled!!! And the painting shows I did a good job--again, not perfect though.

The last sanding. It's not perfect, but it's close enough.

I just happened to have some primer, I forget why.
No doubt something about unfulfilled intentions.

Can you believe I lived with this? No More.

Primed and ready to paint.

When I finish that, I will start caulking in the kitchen. Then I will put real paint on the kitchen walls after that.
And since you have been so kind as to watch my paint dry, I will put something interesting up next time.