Gang Studies

I started this project to give back to my readers. The Web is full of information of varying quality. And with this topic, the self-promotion or biography in gang circles is not academic or even rigorously truthful. I have looked at references and tried to gauge their quality, discarding some and saying what the others are useful for.

My background is not in law enforcement. My background is in international relations and I do research in many fields.  It is my hope that people who are in law enforcement or confronting gang activity near their homes and schools will be able to use these pages as references, or as gateways to their own research.

Note to teachers: there is nothing to plagiarize in these entries, unless you have asked your students for an annotated research bibliography. If it's a paper, your students still have to write it.

General Topics
Specific Groups
18th St. Gang in El Salvador: Video Series

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